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Eye-Fi Wireless SD Card

August 16th, 2008 2 comments

Eye-Fi makes 2GB SD cards that transmit images to a wireless router or an Internet hot spot. The Explore model will also tag images with GPS information from the wireless connection point, though I haven’t gotten this to work on my router. The cards also save images just like a regular SD card.
All this is set up through a very simple online application called the Eye-Fi Manager. Images can be saved locally and posted automatically on sharing sites like Flickr and SmugMug. The system is simple to use for anyone adept at using wireless connections (SSID & Key). The size of this wireless transmitter is a miracle of miniaturization.

A CF to SD card adapter is also available.

At first I was unsure of how this would benefit my operation, as I shoot RAW files which are large and don’t transmit quickly. The system is really designed to work with JPEG files and it transmits them at acceptable speeds. Because my pro Canon cameras have two card slots that can be set to record different file types, I’ve found Eye-Fi to be exceptionally useful. I have my first card set to record RAW and the Eye-Fi set to record and transmit compressed small JPEG. I’m simultaneously getting a large preview on my computer and in a SmugMug gallery without doing anything.

I recently made a series of abstract images in Corning NY. When I was in range of a wireless connection, I simply left the camera on and let Eye-Fi upload Small JPEGs to SmugMug . I was then able to show my days’ images online in a SmugMug gallery without ever taking time to download, RAW process, and upload. Later, I downloaded the RAW images all at once.

I plan to set up a projector at a party and have the images project instantly as I make them. I’m sure you can think of other interesting things to do with Eye-Fi. Feel free to post your ideas and comments here. There’s just nothing like instant gratification!

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