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80 new DXO Optics modules

May 19th, 2009 Comments off


DXO Optics has added 80 new modules.  Most noteworthy for me is the Canon 5d Mark II with the Sigma 12-24.  I really need this combination for some of my HDR Architectural Interiors.
DXO has a unique way of processing raw file and to make it really work correctly you need to download and install their modules, which are scientific characterization (Profiles) of a camera and lens combination.
DXO makes it pretty easy to fix undesirable lens characteristics, like Chromatic Aberrations, Fall off, edge sharpness, etc.
I use it to output corrected tiff flies, which I then merge to hdr images.
DXO is a pretty darn good RAW processor, but I find the workflow a bit tedious for large quantities of images, so I generally only go to DXO when I need some good lens correction for a derivative file.
DXO is a french company and I use to talk with one of their engineers over Skype. Good guys, try the demo if you haven’t.