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Canon WP-DC21 Underwater Housing for the G-9

February 8th, 2008

I love toying around with underwater cameras. I don’t do any serious diving, but a durable and waterproof camera comes in very handy, especially at the beach and camping. I use to use a Nikon Action Touch when I shot film. The Action Touch is one of the only point and shoot cameras that was good enough to shoot slide film.

Underwater housings are bulkier than the action touch, but it’s the only way to go for now. Theres a real opening for a camera like the Canon G-9 in an underwater model(G9-UW). Until a camera company wises up and makes us a good underwater point and shoot, we are stuck with housings, which work OK. The housing for my beloved G-9 is the WP-DC21. It requires removal of the camera strap. I may just dedicate a G-9 to life in the housing, as taking the strap on and off is getting old. Other than this small gripe, I fully recommend the G-9’s underwater housing as an essential accessory.
Yes, those are my boys, Carson and Barrett.

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