Vincent Laforet & HD DSLR Video

December 18th, 2011

Vincent Laforet’s HD DSLR film: Reverie was the first to show the amazing capabilities of HD DSLR cameras for shooting video. I believe Reverie was done for Canon to market the 5D camera. The short film really shows off the shallow depth of field and low light capabilities of the Canon 5D HD DSLR for shooting Video. Vincent combines short clips that capture a moment as though they were still pictures. If you haven’t seen Reverie, here it is:

This video on the making of Reverie shows how a small film crew can quickly make stunning HD Video imagery using a HD DSLR with it’s shallow depth of field and low light capabilities.

This video by Vincent is a prime example of how a good still photographers can apply their ascetics using video. The clips are pleasantly short and visually inspiring.

Here, Vincent speaks to a group of photographers about the use of HD DSLR cameras. I’m guessing this is an ASMP or APA Event (American society of Media Photographers or Advertising Photographers of America).

Check out Vincent’s Blog

Vincent has teamed up with Chase Jarvis, and CreativeLIVE to create an internet channel on HD DSLR Video production . For over two years they have streamed workshop videos about HD DSLR video & filmmaking. The initial workshops are FREE and the full workshops are available for purchase.

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