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How to Back Up Your Personal Computer

February 12th, 2008 No comments

ImageIngesterPro Workflow Diagram

Marc Rochkind has posted a wonderful article titled How to Back Up Your Personal Computer. I feel this is a must read for everyone who uses a computer. I’ve heard way too many stories of people losing all of their data for one reason or another. Very few users have bullet proof backup strategies, because it is more complex than most users know.

Marc is also the developer behind three very useful programs for managing image files: ImageIngester, Image Verifier, ImageReporter and SpanBurner. I’m using ImageIngester Pro and ImageVerifier, which together will cost you only $40. ImageIngester is saving us a ton of time processing files and Image Verifier is finding corruption in some of my early image files.
Marc is also very active on The DAM Forum which is Peter Krogh’s very educational Digital Asset Management forum.

It’s a shame to make a wonderful digital image and lose it. The pictures that I’ve missed or lost for one reason or another haunt me, so I have a healthy fear for the safety of every image I make. They say, “there are two kind of computer users, those who have lost data and those who WILL loose data.” At this point it’s probably more like those who have lost data and those who will loose data again, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Please post some comments on interesting ways you’ve lost data: Our most recent loss of data was from opening tiff files using Adobe Camera Raw(ACR) then saving them after adjustments. ACR opened these 17Megapixel files in 2.8Megapixel size, then we saved over the large files. We had to start over from the RAW files; two days of work down the drain.

Editing Jpeg and Tiff Files in ACR and saving as DNG Files

November 18th, 2007 No comments

ACR 4.3 (Adobe Camera Raw) will open Jpeg and Tiff file and edit them as well. This is a nifty and useful addition to ACR. You can set ACR as your default preference for opening Jpeg and tiff files. Go to Edit/Preferences in Adobe bridge and set the thumbnail preferences to “prefer camera raw for Jpeg and tiff files.” There is also a setting in the Camera Raw preferences for “always open jpeg files with setting using CameraRaw.” When you open up a Jpeg or Tiff file in ACR 4.3 it saves your edits to a sidecar XMP file. Only by clicking the save image or opening the image in Photoshop and saving it do you apply your actual edits to the file.

You can also use ACR to save jpeg or tiff files as DNG files. This has some real possibilities. There are lots of reasons to shoot jpeg as an original file format: speed, card space, wireless transmission, etc. I don’t know of any good reason to shoot tiff as a camera file format. I do of course use tiff as derivative file format. The issue WAS that you had to edit the original file and save over it or you had to save a new file if you wanted to keep your original in tact. The DNG file format puts the original jpeg, the camera raw editing info, a derivative Jpeg preview file, and metadata all inside of the DNG bubble.

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