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Epson Paper Acronyms

September 8th, 2008 2 comments

I’m not sure how many times I’ve had to look up these Epson paper acronyms, so I’m posting them here where I can find them! Please feel free to add a comment about any I’ve missed.

EFP Exhibition Fiber Paper
ARMP Ultra Premium Presentation Paper Matte
(Formerly “Epson Archival Matte Paper”)
EMP Ultra Premium Presentation Paper Matte
(Formerly “ Enhanced Matte Paper”)
PGPP Epson Premium Photo Paper Glossy
(Formerly “Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper”)
PLPP Ultra Premium Photo Paper Luster
(Formerly “ Premium Luster Photo Paper”)
PPSmC Proofing Paper Commercial Semimatte
PQIJP_MK Presentation Paper Matte
(Formerly “ Photo Quality Ink Jet Paper”)
PSPP Premium Photo Paper Semi-gloss
SWMP Singleweight Matte Paper
SWMP_LD Singleweight Matte Paper
(Use this profile for line drawing)
USFAP UltraSmooth Fine Art Paper
VFAP Velvet Fine Art Paper
WCRW Watercolor Paper Radiant White

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ImageNest- Mac Printing Software

February 29th, 2008 No comments

ImageNest is a simple little Mac program from BlueCubit that replaces clunky printing systems included in most graphics programs. If you have a file or a bunch of files and you want to lay them out on a page and print them, ImageNest is the way to go. It’s an economical solution that saves time and paper. Sorry Windows users, ImageNest relies on Apple software components so no Windows versions are planned.

The software has many of the features photographers purchase high end rips for: Nesting, Sizing, Cut Marks, Contact Sheets and Multiple File Printing.

Nesting is including multiple images on a single page; this is the flagship feature of the product. Nesting was something only the big prepress RIPS like Colorburst and Colorbyte had, now it’s in a simple to use software. Combining multiple images in Photoshop is extremely laborious and profiles get an extra unnessesary conversion. ImageNest has no problem with using multiple profiles on a single page. It simply converts each individually to the printing profile. When combining images on a single page, Photoshop must convert the profiles to a single page working space, then it can convert the pages color space to the printing space. Nesting multiple files with multiple color spaces is awesome!
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