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Seitz Cameras and Scanning Backs

April 23rd, 2008 1 comment

Prepare to be humbled!

The Seitz 6X17 is a 160 megapixel camera and every pixel is real, not interpolated data. It’s a scanning camera and does not use the Bayer Filter Pattern associated with most modern camera sensors. Betterlight is another manufacturer of scanning backs and they have an excellent explanation of how scanning backs work. Seitz makes some of the most fascinating photographic equipment: from Web LiveCams to 360 Pano Cameras their stuff is cool. There website is fill of interesting photographic examples of what their products work.

This is the RoundShot D3 360 Camera. It spins around while scanning. This system uses only a slice of the lens so horizontal distortion is reduced.

This is the Tablet Control System. If you read my previous post on tethered tablet shooting, then you should appreciate what this control system adds to workflow.

I’ve worked with rented Betterlight scanning backs a couple of times, but have yet to own one; maybe for my 40th birthday. This stuff is not cheap, but you could be the only kid on your block with a 160 megapixel camera!

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