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Photography RSS Feeds, Photo Blogs, and Foxmarks

March 17th, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

RSS(Really Simple Syndication) is a great way to keep up with photography blogs and news sites. I cringe every time someone tells me that they check in on this blog every couple of days. I only post when I have something I feel is worthwhile on a photography technologies blog and I hate to have readers wasting their time when there’s nothing new posted. I don’t check blogs and news sites, I have them spoon fed to me through RSS feeds.
RSS feeds are really simple: Anywhere you see the radio icon you can get a feed. The RSS link can be set up to feed into a customizable web page, e-mail program, or another website.
I first used igoogle as an RSS client, but now I use NetVibes(free). NetVibes is a little more robust in the way it previews feeds. Feeds can be previewed directly from the customized Netvibes page and the feeds that have been read are marked. Netvibes also has more options for customizing and organizing your feeds and widgets(gadgets). Widgets are little applications for weather, maps, searches, etc. Setting up and useing NetVibes is a breze, nothing to fear it’s “really simple.”

Here are some of my favorite RSS feeds:

Photography blogs that feature an image a day are also very cool and most of them allow you to set up an RSS feed.

As long as I’m this far off the topic of photography technologies, I might as well go into Server-Client internet bookmarks. I do a lot of research on the web, so I need to keep good track of my bookmarks. Often I’m on different computers, but I still want to utilize one set of centralized bookmarks. I’ve tried a number of different online services in the past, but none of them really worked smoothly. I’ve been very happy using Mozilla Firefox as a browser with the Foxmarks add-on.

I’ve installed Foxmarks on all of my computers , so they all have matching bookmarks. I can also access the bookmarks on the web from any computer connected to the internet by simply logging into my Foxmarks account. I have Foxmarks set to synchronize it’s online record every time I shut down a Firefox browser.

I hope you will enjoy getting the Foto-tech RSS feed to your free NetVibes account and bookmark in your free Foxmarks account!

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  1. Mark Finkenstaedt
    March 18th, 2008 at 04:34 | #1

    FYI NetVibes link not working.

    Mac options. .Mac and Bookdog. sync all computers and organize alphabetically with Bookdog ($10)

    Def. look at NetVibes

    Interesting blog as always Michael.

  2. Michael Stewart
    March 18th, 2008 at 12:51 | #2

    Thanks Mark, I fixed the link. Thanks for the heads up on the .mac and bookdog sync. Bookdog from Sheep Systems looks great.

  3. Siddharth Agarwal
    March 20th, 2008 at 17:21 | #3

    Foxmarks is an indispensable add-on for any firefox user. Here’s another review from a slightly different perspective.

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