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IPIX Interactive Studio Pricing

March 7th, 2010 Comments off


I’m frequently asked to deliver IPIX files for real estate virtual tours.  IPIX previously had a very unfriendly licensing structure for their Interactive Studio.  There was a “Project License” that lasted a month or a yearly subscription.  After some lengthy discussions, they offered me a license in perpetuity and are now selling the software for a one time price.

The IPIX Real Estate Wizard is a very inexpensive and easy and  to use system that combines two circular fisheye images.  You can purchase a set of 5 Keys for $20 which will unlock the software for five images.  A fair price in my opinion.  However this did not work for me because I use a much more complex system to create a better virtual tour.

My system for creating iPIx VR tours combines 25  full frame fisheye images for each view.  The images are made vertically on a Really Right Stuff nodal point tripod head. The head  wasn’t “really right”  for a Sigma 15 Degree fisheye, so I cut off the front with a hack saw.  There are five stops in my sequence and each

Today, there are numerous ways to stich and deliver 360 virtual tours, but if you need to make an ipx file for real estate clients who use iPix, Interactive Studio or the Real Estate Wizard are your only options.