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January 27th, 2008

This ringflash from Flaghead Photographic Limited uses prisms to evenly distribute light from a Canon 585EX or SB-800 flash. It’s not available in the US that we could find, but we are looking into it. Ringflashes like this one have the ability to light without shadows and produce a unique look. They also make interesting looking catch lights in eyes. Most of the AA battery operated models are low power units designed for macro photography, so this flaghead adapter fills a gap.

In 2006 several notable high powered models came on the market and a lot more ringflash photography started showing up in advertising and editorial photography. I use the Lumedyne 1600 watt second ringflash with a Hensel Octa Sun Softbox, but if I was going to buy one today, I would get the ABR800 AlienBees Ringflash.

Home built fluorescent models are easy to build and do offer some advantages. With today’s camera bodies shooting higher ISO’s with lower noise levels, a couple of 32 watt circular fluorescent are sufficiently bright. Here are some Flicker Samples.

You can order it here: http://www.bobrigby.com/

Please feel free to post some ring flash photography links.

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