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Archive for July, 2008

PDN Gear Guide’s July Guest Contributer

July 6th, 2008 No comments

The editors of PDN found the Foto-Tech blog and asked me to contribute a few articles for their July Gear Guide. I’m honored to have my content included with the excellent articles by previous guest contributes including: John Paul Caponigro, Andrew Darlow, and Michael Reichmann-The Luminous Landscape.

My first article for the PDN Gear Guide is here:

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ImageNest Version 1.1 Saves Paper

July 1st, 2008 3 comments

I did a “head to head” nesting shootout using ImagePrint’s popular RIP against the new Version 1.1 of ImageNest from BlueCubit. See Previous Post

In this 24” wide example; ImageNest used only 30 inches of paper as compared to the ImagePrint Rip’s 35 Inches; saving a 5” x 24” piece of paper. I think that’s a pretty substantial difference. I also noticed that the images line up much better for cutting.

ImageNest has added features that Version 1 users requested:
>EPS, PDF, and PostScript support make this a ImageNest V1.1 a useful tool in the design world. I’m hoping the next version will have support for DNG files. DNG files contain RAW file information, XMP adjustment data, and a “corrected” Jpeg. It will really be fantastic, if ImageNest can use that corrected Jpeg to print contact sheets, proofs, etc.
>The duplicate feature allows you to make as many copies of an image as you want, then you can scale them as needed. This was possible in version one, but it wasn’t intuitive.
>There’s been a lot of under the hood work, including new algorithms that nest images more efficiently.
>Roll paper users are really going to save a lot of paper by using ImageNest. I did a series of head to head nesting test using the ImagePrint RIP and ImageNest. ImageNest consistently arranged the images in a more efficient layout. There is also a Roll Length optimizer that saves even more paper.
I’ve really enjoyed playing with ImageNest; it’s fun to print when you can do all the layout on the fly in a simple intuative interface. I’m really looking forward to the DNG support they are working on. They have a free trial at

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