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Photography Hand Trucks and Carts

My last post on camera bag technology and transporting your gear did not include lighting gear. This post is primarily for Pros who travel with lighting.

Case technology for transporting lighting really hasn’t really changed that much. Lights have gotten smaller and lighter, but this hasn’t change the cases. It’s just a matter of getting the right size and padding. Many newer cases come with wheels and that’s a noteworthy addition.

The four biggest manufactures are Lightware, Tenba, Pelican, and Haliburton.

Size matters: Getting the right size and weight for air travel is tricky. Sometimes it’s just best to rent gear near your destination when you travel by air. I like to hire local assistants who own lights or can get their hands on some. I’ll pay big bucks for someone who knows the location, can get the lighting, and can pick me up at the airport. What I save on rental cars, taxis, and baggage charges can pay for an assistant.

What has changed about transporting lighting gear is the carts. There are many innovative cart designs; these are my favorites:

The Rock-N-Roller or Multi Cart R-12 All Terrain with the Retrofit Shelf Kit.

The Safco Convertable Hand Truck.

The Clipper 1000

The Two In One Ladder Hand Truck.

The Haul Master 400Lb model.

Let me know if there’s a lighting hand truck or cart that I should add to my collection. I find that you can never have too many different sizes of cases or carts.

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