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Heavy Duty Grip Swivel

March 17th, 2015 No comments


Our studio has at least 20 umbrella mounts, elbows and light stand swivels in our gaff but they all have the same issue: not enough friction.  When you put anything heavy on them they fall over.  We just purchased six Photoflex “Heavy Duty  Grip Swivels” and these solve this long standing issue.  We are using them on a new universal speedring system that  we’ve developed for combining softboxes with LED lights that don’t have speedring systems (most).

We’ll post some images of our Speed Lighting universal speed ring when it’s done.  Hopefully we can find a manufacturer to pick up the design and bring an easy and versatile speed ring into the lighting industry.

I’ll vouch that this high friction light stand elbow with it’s rubber disc can hold a lot of weight without much torquing of it’s large metal knob.  It’s an essential piece of lighting gaff that should not be overlooked.  This is one of three with basically the same high friction area design.  Novatron and Westcott also make them but I can only vouch for the ruggedness of the Photoflex Heavy Duty Grip Swivel.

Photography Hand Trucks and Carts

May 19th, 2008 No comments

My last post on camera bag technology and transporting your gear did not include lighting gear. This post is primarily for Pros who travel with lighting.

Case technology for transporting lighting really hasn’t really changed that much. Lights have gotten smaller and lighter, but this hasn’t change the cases. It’s just a matter of getting the right size and padding. Many newer cases come with wheels and that’s a noteworthy addition.

The four biggest manufactures are Lightware, Tenba, Pelican, and Haliburton.

Size matters: Getting the right size and weight for air travel is tricky. Sometimes it’s just best to rent gear near your destination when you travel by air. I like to hire local assistants who own lights or can get their hands on some. I’ll pay big bucks for someone who knows the location, can get the lighting, and can pick me up at the airport. What I save on rental cars, taxis, and baggage charges can pay for an assistant. Read more…

Camera Bag Technology

May 15th, 2008 No comments

The right method of traveling your gear is essential. Careful consideration of the way the gear is transported is often overlooked. Camera gear has changed, so the bags and cases have changed as well. Some of the new bag technology is really innovative and can make a big difference in the way you work with the equipment. Backpacks, slings, and holsters are in are replacing shoulder bags. My back welcomes these changes! Really nice Modular Systems are also coming onto the market.

Depending on the amount of gear you own, and what you do with it, I recommend owning at least three camera bags:
#1.) The largest bag that will still fit the domestic travel carry on regulation: I use the Tenba Shootout backpack shown above for this bag. It just barely fit’s into the overhead of larger planes. The shootout is a really well thought out backpack and I highly recommend it.

#2.) A medium bag that will carry just one camera body, a flash and a couple of lenses: I use the Tamrac Velocity 9 shown below which is a sling style. I love the sling style and find the Velocity 9 to be an comfortable and accessible.

#3.) A holster bag that carries only one camera and one lens: It’s nice to be able to take just the bare essentials on some shoots. Read more…

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