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Heavy Duty Grip Swivel

March 17th, 2015 Comments off


Our studio has at least 20 umbrella mounts, elbows and light stand swivels in our gaff but they all have the same issue: not enough friction.  When you put anything heavy on them they fall over.  We just purchased six Photoflex “Heavy Duty  Grip Swivels” and these solve this long standing issue.  We are using them on a new universal speedring system that  we’ve developed for combining softboxes with LED lights that don’t have speedring systems (most).

We’ll post some images of our Speed Lighting universal speed ring when it’s done.  Hopefully we can find a manufacturer to pick up the design and bring an easy and versatile speed ring into the lighting industry.

I’ll vouch that this high friction light stand elbow with it’s rubber disc can hold a lot of weight without much torquing of it’s large metal knob.  It’s an essential piece of lighting gaff that should not be overlooked.  This is one of three with basically the same high friction area design.  Novatron and Westcott also make them but I can only vouch for the ruggedness of the Photoflex Heavy Duty Grip Swivel.