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Windows 8 Epson Driver & USB Port Connection Problems

April 11th, 2015 No comments

Having Windows 8 Epson Driver & USB Port Connection Problems?

Epson wide format printers (and others) have some serious USB connection issues. This is a simple work around for Epson printers with an Ethernet connection: Epson 3800, 3880, R2000, R3000, 4000, 4000, 4800, etc.
If you have solutions for Connecting Epson Wide Format Printers to Win 8, please contribute to this post with a comment. We all need help with this and I’m happy to add your solutions to this post and credit you.
After many issues with Win 8 and Epson USB 2.0 on older wide format printers, I’ve given up on the USB connection. It is possible to make it work but using this Ethernet TCP-IP method is much simpler and allows me to print from all computers on my network. And for a secure network connection, consider enterprise switching or Google Cloud security products which can be of great help.
The Issue:
The USB problems seems to start if you plug in the printer using USB before installing the official complete driver package. Windows 8 tries to install a driver automatically but it fails to do this correctly and then the printer no longer connects through USB. The logical thing to do is to unplug the printer and uninstall the driver but this doesn’t seem to work. Epson’s uninstall is leaving something behind and I can’t find what that is and manually uninstalling doesn’t get it either. I have gotten this all resolved and successfully used a 3800 with Windows 8 but I can’t constantly repeat my success.
Ethernet TCP-IP Solution

There are two windows 7 Epson installers you will need to use for this work around. Epson does not have official Win 8 versions and points us to the Win 7 versions that do work for me using TCP-IP but not USB. One installer installs the driver and other installs EpsonNet which will connect your printer using TCP-IP.

Note- I use the 3800 Driver as an example but you need to adjust for whatever printer you are actually connecting. 3800 Driver v6.50

Step 1
You may need to uninstall previous versions you have tried but I’d skip that for now if you can get the driver to come up but not connect. Install the Driver and make sure it’s running by going to the print dialog in one of your programs, like Photoshop or Lightroom. If you can open the driver but not connect & communicate to the printer through USB, then your ready. If you can’t get the driver installed then you have another issue and connecting through Ethernet using TCP-IP isn’t likely to help.

Step 2
Install EpsonNetWith the printer connected to your Lan and turned on,  run EpsonNet and make a note of the printers IP Address. You will enter this address into the Windows Printer Port info. in this instance.

Step 3
Go to the Windows 8 Devices & Printers.  I do this by hitting the Windows Key and typing Devices & Printers. Now you will see the Epson printer but it will not show as connected until you add the TCP-IP port with correct IP.

Step 4
Right Click on the printer and select Printer Properties: Not “Properties”,  lot’s of people are getting stuck here because they are clicking properties instead of Printer Properties.

Step 5
Select Add Port

Step 6
Select TCP-IP as the Port Type and click New Port.

Step 7
Add the IP Address and a name you will recognize.  I used Epson 3800 TCP-IP.

Step 8
Confirm that the new port is selected for your printer

Completion and Connection Confirmation
Now you should see your printer connected and all should be right with Windows 8 and your Epson Printer.

ImageNest 2.0 – iPhoto Printing Layout Software Review

February 5th, 2010 2 comments

ImageNest- Mac Printing Layout Software

ImageNest Discount Coupon:

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ImageNest discount 10dis

ImageNest is a software Rip for Mac printing that does printing layout and a number of other picture layout tricks very well.  ImageNest works on all printers with Mac drivers : Epson, HP, Canon, etc.  We reviewed  the first version of BlueCubit’s ImageNest here.  There  are so many new printer layout features in ImageNest 2.0, that the new printing layout features deserve  a  review.  I think this is the perfect  iPhoto printing utility.  Apple’s iPhoto printing leaves a lot to be desired, and Bluecubit gives iPhoto users the image layout tools they need for picture printing.

Product manager, Joshua Lubbers has graciously offered to give a 10% discount on all of Bluecubit’s Mac Image Layout Printing  software.

Use this link and code: ImageNest Discount Coupon Code: 10dis

ImageNest 2.0 Top 5 New Features

DNG Printing layout DNG contact sheetDNG Printing– ImageNest can easily print outstanding contact sheets from all the major file types, but it really shines for DNG printing of contact sheets.  DNG files have an adjusted JPEG file imbedded in them along with the RAW date and XMP data.  When you make edits to the RAW image in an editor such as Adobe’s Lightroom and push those edits into the DNG file, the adjustments are saved as XMP Data and A JPEG is created.  ImagNest is one of the only ways to access and print that adjusted DNG Jpeg preview.

iPhoto printing metedata printing textMetedata Annotations– If your contact  sheet printing, then you likely need to print text, file numbers, names, dates, location or other metedata.  A contact sheet isn’t of much use without the information you need to access the file you or your client want to use. ImageNest allows you to print metedata on all four sides of each image in the printing layout.   Printing text metedata  in the layout is a major power feature that is useful in so many ways.

iPhoto printer layout pdf printingPDF Creations– Layouts aren’t just for printing, they can be saved as PDF files.  This is an absolutely killer feature of ImageNest. After spending some time creating a wonderful layout of your pictures, you can save it as a PDF.  Contact sheets with file numbers and metedata annotations can be emailed for review.  Because the layout or contact sheet is in a PDF, viewers with Adobe acrobat can put notes about the files they like on the PDF and return it to the photographer.

iPhoto printing picture borders

Image Borders (Frames)– Image frames allow you to layout pictures with borders.  The picture borders can be different  colors and widths.  Image frames are a simple way of really dressing up a print layout.  I regularly use them when  on black and white image layouts.

mac_iPhoto_printing_soft_proofingSoft Proofing– This is a professional  printing feature that armatures could use as well.  It’s designed to help professional photographers who need to soft proof for CMYK printers, but it’s also useful for proofing machine prints.  If your having prints made on a Fuji Frontier or Noritsu machine printer like Costo & SmugMug uses, then you need a way to check color and density before you send the SRGB  files.  The profiles for these printers are available through drycreekphoto as well as most major print vendors.  Imagenest can be used to layout images for these services too.

Those are the five major new features of ImageNest 2.0.  Version 2.0 also has a much improved interface with many improvements under the hood.    64 Bit processing is enabled, but many Mac printer drivers are not running 64Bit yet.  ImageNest is committed to speed and will likely be using CUDA multicore GPU Image processing in their next major release.

This is defiantly the simplest picture layout RIP on the market.  It’s a simple to use  Mac printing layout utility that really doesn’t have a competitor.  under the hood  ImageNest comes in a number of versions based on the size of the layout or printer.

17 Inch $199
24 Inch $399
44 Inch $599
Wide Format $799

Use this link and code for a 10% ImageNest discount:

ImageNest Discount Coupon Code: 10dis

ImageNest- Mac Printing Software

February 29th, 2008 No comments

ImageNest is a simple little Mac program from BlueCubit that replaces clunky printing systems included in most graphics programs. If you have a file or a bunch of files and you want to lay them out on a page and print them, ImageNest is the way to go. It’s an economical solution that saves time and paper. Sorry Windows users, ImageNest relies on Apple software components so no Windows versions are planned.

The software has many of the features photographers purchase high end rips for: Nesting, Sizing, Cut Marks, Contact Sheets and Multiple File Printing.

Nesting is including multiple images on a single page; this is the flagship feature of the product. Nesting was something only the big prepress RIPS like Colorburst and Colorbyte had, now it’s in a simple to use software. Combining multiple images in Photoshop is extremely laborious and profiles get an extra unnessesary conversion. ImageNest has no problem with using multiple profiles on a single page. It simply converts each individually to the printing profile. When combining images on a single page, Photoshop must convert the profiles to a single page working space, then it can convert the pages color space to the printing space. Nesting multiple files with multiple color spaces is awesome!
Read more…

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