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Archive for the ‘Digital Photography Tutorials’ Category

Vincent Laforet & HD DSLR Video

December 18th, 2011 No comments

Vincent Laforet’s HD DSLR film: Reverie was the first to show the amazing capabilities of HD DSLR cameras for shooting video. I believe Reverie was done for Canon to market the 5D camera. The short film really shows off the shallow depth of field and low light capabilities of the Canon 5D HD DSLR for shooting Video. Vincent combines short clips that capture a moment as though they were still pictures. If you haven’t seen Reverie, here it is:

This video on the making of Reverie shows how a small film crew can quickly make stunning HD Video imagery using a HD DSLR with it’s shallow depth of field and low light capabilities.

This video by Vincent is a prime example of how a good still photographers can apply their ascetics using video. The clips are pleasantly short and visually inspiring.

Here, Vincent speaks to a group of photographers about the use of HD DSLR cameras. I’m guessing this is an ASMP or APA Event (American society of Media Photographers or Advertising Photographers of America).

Check out Vincent’s Blog

Vincent has teamed up with Chase Jarvis, and CreativeLIVE to create an internet channel on HD DSLR Video production . For over two years they have streamed workshop videos about HD DSLR video & filmmaking. The initial workshops are FREE and the full workshops are available for purchase.

HDR Tutorial Videos

March 2nd, 2010 No comments


HDR and Photoshop

HDR (High  Dynamic  Range Imaging) can be daunting to start with, but once you start you’ll never stop.  There are very few times when I don’t shoot an exposure bracket  so that I have HDR options; even handheld.  I don’t always merge the images into a 32bit file, but I usually combine bracketed exposures in some manner to expand and manipulate dynamic range.

Digital Imaging author and trainer, Colin Smith, has a number of tutorial videos out that are a good place to start your HDR training.  He did the tutorial videos for Photomatix, which is a must have application for HDR.  Colin’s PhotoshopCAFE website has lots of other useful digital imaging videos.

Upgrading Photo Technology

December 11th, 2008 1 comment

” I’ve loved more cameras than women, but I love women more than cameras.”

I’ve been working out some theories on the most practical way to upgrade technology. Cameras, computer hardware, and software technology move at an alarming rate. The question is: when does it make financial and practical sense to upgrade? There are considerations of implementation and cost involved. Here I will outline these considerations and my theories and strategies.
Moore’s Law describes a long-term trend in computer hardware where capacity of circuitry doubles every 24 months. These same principles can be applied to almost all technologies, though the timing is different for every technology and situation. Technology upgrade theory is all about cost, implementation, and gain. Developing a good strategy is dependent on the nature of the technology and that must be studied carefully.

Know the Technology and know the habits and schedules of the manufacturers of that technology.
Example #1 Adobe is on an 18Month upgrade cycle: they allow you to skip versions and still get upgrade pricing: and their upgrades are usually major.
Example #2 Nikon usually upgrades the flagship models six-nine months before the top prosumer models. The top of the line prosumer cameras usually have many of the desirable features of the Flagship model at 40% of the price. Nikon is notoriously slow in getting their announced cameras to market. Read more…


November 22nd, 2008 No comments

Version 4.0 of the Universal Photographic Digital Imaging Guidelines was recently released. I serve as the Tech Editor of UPDIG, and also worked on branding and design aspects of Version 4.0.

The UPDIG guidelines aim to clarify issues affecting accurate reproduction and management of digital images. These guidelines were created to establish photographic standards and practices for photographers, designers, printers, and image distributors. The guidelines cover Digital Asset Management, Color Profiling, Metadata, and Photography Workflow.

Version 4.0 of the guidelines represents the industry consensus as of Sept 22, 2008. The guidelines were prepared by the UPDIG Coalition, with the help of many digital imaging professionals, software vendors, and hardware manufacturers. The UPDIG Coalition is dedicated to promoting standards for photographic digital imaging.

UPDIG 4.0 had many many contributors. I would like to thank the Coalition Member Groups who came together to support this set of best practices for photographic digital imaging. I would also like to personally thank and recognize the great people I worked with directly. Many others contributed, but I worked directly with those listed below:
Richard AndersonHe served UPDIG very well for years. Richard stepped down as managing editor, but continues to collaborate and support UPDIG coalition efforts.
Greg Smith The Copy Editor who actually knows grammar, spelling, AND photography.
Jon Heal The web designer who gave the website and guidelines some style.
Michael Voigt The Flash designer who put the 21 Coalition member groups into a Flash banner that will actually fit on a web page.
Peter Dyson ASMP’s technology “Jack of All Trades” who got this thing to the web.
Rick McCleary and the CMYK Working Group (A.K.A. the CMYK Mafia) a group of dedicated prepress guys and printers, who will take your head off if you’re not EXACTLY correct.
Peter Krogh- This DAM guy has offered his expertise to UPDIG from the beginning.
There are way too many dedicated contributors to list who work tirelessly for UPDIG and I know I’m leaving many of you out: Eugene Mopsik, Susan Carr, Judy Herrmann, Jeff Sedlik, Betsy Reid, David Riecks,….. the list goes on and on….GOOD JOB EVERYONE! Read more…

SVA Summer Workshops

April 28th, 2008 No comments

I’m giving two hands on weekend workshops this summer at the School of Visual Arts(SVA) in NY City. All workshops take place on Saturday and Sunday from 10am-5 pm and include access to your own computer workstation.

Digital Asset Management: Where is My DAM File

With Michael Stewart, Digital Photography Expert
June 21-22
This intensive course will put the “flow” back into your digital photography workflow. It’s not a coincidence that successful photographers and profitable photo businesses are the most organized! Learn how to add keywords, manage metadata and streamline digital asset management tasks with different programs, including Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Adobe Bridge and Microsoft Expression Media.

Panoramic, HDR and Synthetic Depth of Field Photography

With Michael Stewart, Digital Photography Expert
July 26-27
This course will explore creative panoramic stitching and shooting, and processing HDR images and synthetic depth-of-field techniques. Starting with camera settings and shooting tips, we will quickly move into processing files with Adobe Photoshop to build HDR files that contain detail in the whitest whites and deepest shadows. Learn how to work with PhotoMerge to create stunning panoramic images and how to use image stacking to increase depth of field

For complete registration information please visit:

SVA has a wonderful MFA Photography Program! Katrin Eismann developed the Masters in Digital Photography program at SVA and she is now the Chair of the program.

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