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Spherical Quicktime VR

January 19th, 2008

I’ve helped several photographers get started making Quicktime VR panos. The learning curve is steep, but it’s really not that complicated. This 10 minute movie on creating a spherical Quicktime VR is a great place to start. Photoshop CS3 has very sophisticated stitching, aligning, and blending tools, which makes it very easy to create panos. The movie shows the use of a nodal point tripod and Panotools (PTGui for Windows or PTMac) . This is the classic way of creating a pano and important lessons can be learned, however nodal point tripods and specialized stitching software are no longer necessary for simple panos. Photoshop CS3 has PhotoMerge, Auto-Align Layers, and Auto-Blend Layers. These Photoshop tools do an amazing job of stitching and blending images that do not precisely match. Enjoy the movie and feel free to post some VR links and comments.

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